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Samsung LN52B750 LCD TV

Samsung LN52B750
Samsung LN52B750
Samsung LN52B750 LCD TV
Rating Product : Samsung LN52B750

If you want an affordable LCD TV, I can personally recommend the Samsung LN52A750 52″ LCD TV. After perusing through WAY too many reviews and looking at all the 52″ LCD TVs that matches my spending limit, I finally settled on the Samsung LN52A750.

Why this TV??

This TV’s picture quality is definitely crisp & clear. If you compare it to my first Philips plasma TV, this Samsung LCD totally kicks ass! Watching Blu Ray movies or playing XBox 360 video games on the Samsung LCD is a totally new experience! Everything looks more like real life. I imagine the astounding 50,000:1 high color contrast ratio really DOES make a difference.

My previous Philips plasma TV had some “ghosting effects” when I’m enjoying fast action movies or my favourite sports programs. Nothing annoys me more than watching basketball where the action appears “jerky”. Problem solved with the Samsung LN52A750 TV. The sportsmen move in a smooth motion and even the ball motion is smooth!

Even when I have a home theater sound system, I was pleasantly surprised that the sound from the TV’s speakers was definitely acceptable. Of course, it doesn’t compare with my 3 thousand dollar surround sound system:-) but it surely offers crisp high notes and also pretty punchy bass as well.

Another cool trick of this Samsung LCD TV is that it has a built-in card that has nifty things like cooking recipes, children’s games & more. Fine, you won’t select this TV just because of this extra feature but it’s a great addition. Not just that, you get the built-in “Infolink” system that takes the latest news, sports news and weather from real-time feeds. Very nifty…

Bad points? Well, I expect a 60″ LCD would fill up my living hall’s wall better. Heh heh. Seriously, though, I didn’t have problems with my Samsung LN52A750 TV and am happy with it.