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Samsung LN52B630 52-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LCD HDTV

Samsung LN52B630

Samsung LN52B630

Samsung LN52B630 52-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LCD HDTV

Rating Product : Samsung LN52B630

The Samsung LN52B630 is an enormous 52 inch full high definition LCD television. One of the latest models to come from the highly experienced and reputable company Samsung, this product is certainly designed to impress than it does so as well. With an abundance of extra features and a superbly high quality build, you won’t be disappointed.

Four high definition, especially with a screen of this size is an absolute must and this technology is deployed in the beautiful and impressive fashion in this model. It also has some extremely advanced picture processing techniques which is essential, since there is far more to picture quality than just resolution itself.

The addition of highly clear and amazing colour distinctions is also a must. The resolution of the screen, while important, is nothing without this. The actual build of the TV set itself is extremely high quality too and with a streamlined appearance, is actually won’t look like an ugly, hulking machine in the middle of your living room.

It also has a dynamic contrast ratio of 80, 000 to 1 which certainly is impressive. The maximum resolution is 1080 pixels, i. E., full high definition. It uses a TFT active matrix technology, which helps to enhance the picture quality and also minimises any viewing angle problems which have often blighted the cheaper LCD screens for years. Samsung LN52B630