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Samsung UN55B8000 55-Inch 1080p 240 Hz LED HDTV

Samsung UN55B8000
Samsung UN55B8000XFXZA
Samsung UN55B8000 55-Inch 1080p 240 Hz LED HDTV

Rating Product : Samsung UN55B8000XFXZA

Samsung UN55B8000 – This is the third in a series of reviews based on the new range of LED televisions recently released by Samsung. Like I mentioned in the two previous reviews, LED technology allows flat screen televisions to save up to 40% on their electricity consumption. There has been a large backlash from environmental groups at the increased use of LCD and plasma televisions, because in many cases they use more electricity than the old cathode ray type televisions we used in the past. LED technology hopes to redress this balance and is likely to become the de facto screen technology for manufacturers in the years to come.

Samsung UN55B8000 – 55 inches of Perfect Picture Quality?

The UN55B8000 shares a number of features with its smaller cousins – the UN46B6000 and UN46B8000, what sets it apart is its huge screen. LED technology already adds to the viewing experience, but to see this applied to a larger screen, really highlights how much better these LED screens appear.

The addition of Samsung’s picture technology – Auto Motion Plus 240Hz, also helps to enhance this experience by analyzing every frame and adjusting it if there is the appearance of blur. This makes sports programming come to life – not quite as good as actually being inside the stadium, but not far off!

The UN55B8000 is also great for gamers. Its huge, crisp, color enhanced LED screen brings gaming to life and enhances the experience. The addition of 4 HDMI ports means that there is no shortage of ways to connect your games console or other peripherals Samsung UN55B8000.


Samsung LN52B630 52-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LCD HDTV

Samsung LN52B630

Samsung LN52B630

Samsung LN52B630 52-Inch 1080p 120 Hz LCD HDTV

Rating Product : Samsung LN52B630

The Samsung LN52B630 is an enormous 52 inch full high definition LCD television. One of the latest models to come from the highly experienced and reputable company Samsung, this product is certainly designed to impress than it does so as well. With an abundance of extra features and a superbly high quality build, you won’t be disappointed.

Four high definition, especially with a screen of this size is an absolute must and this technology is deployed in the beautiful and impressive fashion in this model. It also has some extremely advanced picture processing techniques which is essential, since there is far more to picture quality than just resolution itself.

The addition of highly clear and amazing colour distinctions is also a must. The resolution of the screen, while important, is nothing without this. The actual build of the TV set itself is extremely high quality too and with a streamlined appearance, is actually won’t look like an ugly, hulking machine in the middle of your living room.

It also has a dynamic contrast ratio of 80, 000 to 1 which certainly is impressive. The maximum resolution is 1080 pixels, i. E., full high definition. It uses a TFT active matrix technology, which helps to enhance the picture quality and also minimises any viewing angle problems which have often blighted the cheaper LCD screens for years. Samsung LN52B630

Samsung LN52B750 LCD TV

Samsung LN52B750
Samsung LN52B750
Samsung LN52B750 LCD TV
Rating Product : Samsung LN52B750

If you want an affordable LCD TV, I can personally recommend the Samsung LN52A750 52″ LCD TV. After perusing through WAY too many reviews and looking at all the 52″ LCD TVs that matches my spending limit, I finally settled on the Samsung LN52A750.

Why this TV??

This TV’s picture quality is definitely crisp & clear. If you compare it to my first Philips plasma TV, this Samsung LCD totally kicks ass! Watching Blu Ray movies or playing XBox 360 video games on the Samsung LCD is a totally new experience! Everything looks more like real life. I imagine the astounding 50,000:1 high color contrast ratio really DOES make a difference.

My previous Philips plasma TV had some “ghosting effects” when I’m enjoying fast action movies or my favourite sports programs. Nothing annoys me more than watching basketball where the action appears “jerky”. Problem solved with the Samsung LN52A750 TV. The sportsmen move in a smooth motion and even the ball motion is smooth!

Even when I have a home theater sound system, I was pleasantly surprised that the sound from the TV’s speakers was definitely acceptable. Of course, it doesn’t compare with my 3 thousand dollar surround sound system:-) but it surely offers crisp high notes and also pretty punchy bass as well.

Another cool trick of this Samsung LCD TV is that it has a built-in card that has nifty things like cooking recipes, children’s games & more. Fine, you won’t select this TV just because of this extra feature but it’s a great addition. Not just that, you get the built-in “Infolink” system that takes the latest news, sports news and weather from real-time feeds. Very nifty…

Bad points? Well, I expect a 60″ LCD would fill up my living hall’s wall better. Heh heh. Seriously, though, I didn’t have problems with my Samsung LN52A750 TV and am happy with it.

Samsung LN26B360

Samsung LN26B360
Samsung LN26B360

Samsung LN26B360 Samsung LN26B360 26-Inch 720p LCD HDTV

Rating ProductSamsung LN26B360

You can Buy Samsung LN26B360 In Stock. Samsung LN26B360Shops or Buy Online – At Lowest Pirce you Save BIG! Ordered this TV on Thanksgiving night, and it was delivered to my door at 9:30 on Saturday morning. Easy setup, great picture, excellent product. The Samsung LCD TVs are definietly top of the line. The sound can be a bit weak at times on certain programs, but I have my TV connected to my stereo so I often listen to it this way. I am very happy with my purchase