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Asus K50IJ X8

Got the new laptop, upgraded to Windows 7 Pro, installed all my software, started to work on it and bang, got blue screens.

Called Asus support (1 hour on the phone waiting) and they blamed it on Windows 7 Pro. So I called MS. They were useless too, but it was not their problem.

Another hour on the phone waiting for Asus to take my call. They made me do a recovery, which was going to take half an hour. Call back if that fails.

Recovery failed. Another hour on the phone waiting for Asus to take my call.

Finally they started suspecting a hardware problem (which was what I told them the first time). I could send the laptop to them, wait for the repair and get the machine back in about a week.

As my previous laptoip was stolen and I waisted already one day installing and one day on the phone with Asus I told them that this was unacceptable.

I called Amazon. They were GREAT! They wanted to send me a new machine right away, which I could have accepted, but it was Saturday, so it would arrive on Tuesday the earliest. So I opted for a refund and went to Best Buy to get a new machine (Gateway, very happy with it so far).

Amazon scheduled for pick up of the Asus and was very kind.

So I’m a happy Amazon customer, but I will never buy an Asus again.

For the people who still consider this laptop: the keyboard is too near to the

screen (have to reach too far) and the keys are cheapy plastic. I had a hard time typing on it.
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