Asus UL30Vt X1

The UL30vt-X1 is the best “bang for the buck” laptop available right now. I did a ton of research before purchasing and believe me, if you’re looking for the best available thin, light and powerful notebook look no further. There are other ultra portables with similar specs but none offer the flexibility of switchable graphics and great gobs of battery life (6-8 hrs. with higher performance settings). Among the negatives are the screen with its limited viewing angle and a fingerprint-prone chassis. To me, these cons are minor so I’ll still rate it 5 stars. I actually purchased the 5600 mAh battery (ASUS 8-Cell Laptop Battery for UL30, UL80, and UL50) and will use it as the primary battery. I’ll use the included 4400 mAh for a spare. Later on this year ASUS plans to release the UL30jt which is basically the same chassis but with an Intel i5 or i7 processor and 1 gigabyte Geforce 310M switchable graphics for about $999. But the release date is still uncertain. However, if you keep waiting for the next latest-and-greatest you never buy a laptop as something new is coming out every six months or so.

RE: Battery life:

After reading a few posts about the battery life I’m concerned that people are spreading myths about Lithium Ion batteries. Some have said that if you feel your not getting the full battery capacity out of your notebook’s battery pack that you should let it discharge fully and charge it fully and repeat this process over several days. This is called “cycling”. Lithium Ion batteries (unlike Nickel Metal Hydride batteries) DO NOT NEED TO BE CONDITIONED OR CYCLED THROUGH CHARGING AND DISCHARGING. Because of the nature of the chemistry, a Lithium Ion battery’s capacity is available immediately and cannot be improved by cycling. Most Lithium Ion battery packs contain “smart circuitry” to prevent over-charging and excessive discharging. However, in some cases the cycling may improve the smart circuitry’s estimation of full and low levels only. The only thing you can do to make your battery last as long as the manufacturer’s stated figure is to run EVERYTHING at low settings. This particular model (UL30VT-X1) comes with the 8-cell 4400 mAh battery. If you need more then you can purchase the bigger battery from Amazon (it’s rated at 5600 mAh). Or, for an even better deal wait and hope for the UL30VT-A1 to come back in stock (this model comes with the high capacity battery for only $50 more). Cycling is only effective for older chemistries such as Nickel Cadmium and Nickel Metal Hydride. Most Lithium Ion packs can be charged and discharged 300-500 times depending on the quality of the battery.
Read More Detail About Asus UL30Vt X1.


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