Buying Computer Surge Protectors – 5 Tips For Best Purchase

Buying computer surge protectors seems simple enough, right? yet what appears to be a straight forward purchase really requires a little in depth research, especially considering the average computer costs 1-3 thousand dollars. What’s important then is having enough information to make a smart purchase versus just taking the information on the label at face value.

To start with you must assume that not all such devices are created equal. Next, take the price of each unit with a grain of salt. That is to say that higher prices do not necessarily equal better protection from electrical spikes. you can however assume that cheap brands equate with less than adequate ability to prevent computer damage. This results from basic economics… lower prices equals cheaper parts, which then correlates with poor quality.

With this information, consider the following tips when looking for the best computer surge protectors:

1) Quality spike protection strips have a light or lights that indicate when or not the unit is safeguarding your equipment.

Typically these are green when the device is operating at peak efficiency. When this light is dim or off, the strip will still conduct power to your computer but will not prevent harmful currents from reaching your PC.

2) Make sure the device has coaxial and phone line protection if you use these connections. Your system is just as susceptible to increased voltage on these lines and therefore requires this type of protection.

3) In general, look for products that have a higher “joule rating”. This number should be anywhere from 1000 to 3000 for sufficient damage prevention.

4) Pay attention to UL ratings on the box. These are very important to the quality of the device. Simply do a search for UL ratings or standards on the internet.

5) Most computer surge protectors offer warranties or insurance in the event of damage to your electronics from power surges. Be sure to read the fine print before going ahead with your purchase. Certain warranties may be void unless a precise set of circumstances occur to cause the damage. Please know that after inspection of the returned device, companies are well aware if the damage was caused by malfunction or from conditions that the unit was not designed to prevent such as lightning strikes or outside interference.

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